Maleficent becomes Angelina Jolie’s highest-grossing film – Making over $522 million so far

Angelina Jolie just beat her own record for the highest-grossing film of her career as Maleficent made over $522 million at the worldwide box office. On top of that, the movie just premiered in Japan. Alongside her fiancΓ©, Brad Pitt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith previously held that title when it made over $478.2 million in 2005.

Jolie shared, “I actually got really emotional when I finished it, and I thought it was one of the best scripts I’d read in a long time because of the issues it dealt with. And I thought it was in fact an important story to tell. It was such a crazy idea, and I was so challenged by it. And my kids are now all watching all these movies and wanting to play with mommy, and it was perfect timing to have them all on set, playing, being a part of the adventure with me, and for me as an actress, to not do something where I’m taking myself so seriously.”


This movie will hit $600 million or more by the end of summer. I’ve seen the movie and I became a fan. I felt all types of emotion throughout the movie. The colors, graphics, plot, twist and costumes were intricately crafted to make sure that the viewers of all ages will love and appreciate it. Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt debuted her acting as the young Princess Aurora (as seen above, wearing a yellow dress).


No doubt that Angelina Jolie was perfectly cast for the role as Maleficent which was written by Linda Woolverton, writer of the Disney’s classic, The Lion King. Watch the clip


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