The power couple did an astounding performance Thursday night at Soldier Field in Chicago. Beyonce’s breathtaking outfits and Jay-Z’s prevailing gear were amazing. Although the show started late, it was all forgotten once the show started.

Besides, the moment Mr. and Mrs. Carter showed up with their ravishing black attire while the smoke effects were all over the stage, everyone started cheering. The first song they started performing was “03 Bonnie and Clyde,” following it was “Upgrade You.”

The phenomenal couple performed their greatest hits, alternating their songs as they give each other time to rest and change to their ensemble. The remarkable Jay-Z performed his top-charts songs like “Show Me What You Got,” “99 Problems,” “Big Pimpin,” “Tom Ford” and one of my favorite “Song Cry.”

The awe-inspiring Beyonce Knowles showed off her beautiful voice while singing her ballad songs like “Pretty Hurts,” “Halo,” “Flawless” and “If I Were A Boy.” She also showed off her enticing dance moves while performing “Drunk In Love,” “Baby Boy,” “Naughty Girl, “Yonce” and “Partition”


The non-stop cheers from the crowd, chanting their names and even crying with happiness reminded me of my reaction when I saw Michael Jackson live in concert. I lost my voice that night and I couldn’t stop screaming for the King of Pop. It was great to see the dynamic duo making the same impact Michael Jackson did to me.

If you missed the concert, it’s okay. We’ll not really… But you can see their mind-blowing performance on television this Fall 2014. Beyonce Knowles announced on her official Facebook page that HBO would air the “On The Run Tour” on September 20, 2014.

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