Rise of Chicago’s Most Enticing Star: Sesamir

“Take a chance. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back,” shares Sesamir Yearby, one of Chicago’s alluring rising star. Even with his success, his humility is so impressive and his positive attitude is very contagious.


He was the first one to receive the Male Model of the Year title from Surround Sound of Fashion, a fashion/music event created by Nathan Gilbert and sponsored by Power 92.3 FM. Humble Yearby says, “That was actually my first year modeling. I’m thankful for the opportunity. I was able to network with so many people and I appreciate it.”

In addition, Essence magazine featured him as their “Eye Candy” with a 24-page-spread. Now that’s a whole lot of Sesamir. He laughs and shared,

“I actually turned them down because I thought it was fake. It was presented to me three times by Cam Montgomery Jr. It wasn’t until they told me that they were booking the photographer and production that I went on board with it.”


Even though he’s good with modeling, he actually prefers acting. He was featured in Jennifer Hudson’s music video “Walk It Out.”

“With modeling, people only see you with limitations and they can’t hear you. Acting gives you the ability to express yourself. You get the chance to make people feel certain emotions through your performance.”

Yearby victoriously landed a part at the new Starz TV series, Power, produced by Curtis “50 cent” Jackson. Sesamir shared, “I was ecstatic to play this role. It was a great way to establish a relationship with the production team. I am humbled for the opportunity as well.”


Of course I have to add my “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” portion. Also, please note that I do not own any of the pictures provided to me by the interviewee.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Did you always wanted to model? No, I wanted to be a NFL player but I had a knee injury while training for NFL. I was drafted as a free agent to the New York Giants

How did you feel? I felt like I had no purpose as if my world ended. But you have to figure out a way to overcome obstacles.

Favorite TV show: Of course, Starz new TV series: Power.

Describe yourself in one word and why: Perfectionist. I always wanna be better.

Favorite Actor: Will Smith, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Hart

Favorite Actress: Halle Berry

Favorite Movie: Life with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy

Celebrity Crush: Salma Hayek and Shakira

Words of encouragement: Stay positive. Treat everybody the same. Put a smile on someone’s face because your smile can help that person with his/her day. It’s all about helping and encouraging each other out.


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