ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon Raised Over $100 Million

We’ve all seen celebrities accepting the ALS Ice Bucket challenge based on nomination. It flooded our newsfeed and timeline, making as curious as to what it is all about. Their purpose is to bring public awareness to the disease and it worked. If the nominees does not take the challenge within 24 hours, a minimum of $100 is encouraged for donation.

Incidentally, for every great results of public awareness someone will express their negativity and criticism. People will compare it to another problem, mainly stating that there are far more important or serious situation happening elsewhere that we need to focus on.That being the case, it is understandable that some might feel adversity.

So far, the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge raised over $100 million compared to the 2.8 million that they’ve received last year around the same time. Many thanks to the A-list celebrities who helped with creating the buzz. It gave their fans and the social media a better knowledge and awareness with the ALS.

According to ALS Association

ALS was first found in 1869 by French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, but it wasn’t until 1939 that Lou Gehrig brought national and international attention to the disease. Ending the career of one of the most beloved baseball players of all time, the disease is still most closely associated with his name. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.



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