Meet Chicago’s Intrepid: Nate Gilz

Like a rechargeable battery, Nate Gilbert is a steadfast man who loves grinding and networking 24/7. His valiant ideas and vigorous actions consistently attract avid fans of fashion, music and entertainment. A former New Media Manager for Power 92.3 FM, he is now a Sales Director for Interactive One.

In addition, founder and creator of Surround Sound of Fashion (SSOF), intrepid Nate has been making sure that the 7th annual fashion and music show will be astounding. With a consistent sold out event, it is only right to aim for a bigger and better show.

“Surround Sound of Fashion is an interactive fashion show and concert, that was built to provide a platform for aspiring models, designers and dance groups to work alongside professionals in the fashion and entertainment field. To add excitement and a digital experience, the aspiring models that are featured in the show must be voted for. We receive over 2,000 model submissions every year. We narrow the selection down to the top 25 men and 25 women and post their pictures on for their family, friends, co-workers and media to cast their votes.
After the main event, only one male and one female model can be chosen to represent the SSOF brand the following year and win some great prizes such as an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas for the MAGIC Trade Show convention, Jamaica, clothing, spa certificates and more,” explains Nate.

To top it all off, a celebrity and a national recording artist will be performing a mini-concert after the fashion show. R&B singer and actor, Tyrese Gibson and rapper, J.Cole were previously featured for the exhilarating event. There’s nothing better than having the crowd experience a mind-blowing show before the holiday season begins.

Being a visionary like Nate Gilz can be a pressure. He benevolently help people to be closer to their dreams as he creates a bridge to a great reality for the aspiring models. His perseverance and diligence reflects the arduous result of SSOF.
Now let’s find out more about the busy and dynamic man.

1.) Favorite Quote: “If you want your dream to come true… Don’t sleep.”

2.) What Do You Love Most About Your Job? Networking and being a part of the fashion and entertainment industry.

3.) Who’s Your Icon and why? Kanye West because he is innovative. He doesn’t take no for an answer. He keeps going.

4.) Favorite Rapper:Drake

5.) Favorite Musician: The Roots

6.) Who’s the fiction/non-fiction character or person that best describes you? Why? I would say Will Smith. He is ambitious and has a creative vision. He also has a charming personality like me. (laughs)

7.) Favorite Food: Steak

8.) Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lopez all day

9.) Out of all the models you’ve worked with, who stood out the most as one of the best? No pressure : (Laughs) no pressure huh. Well I would say, Sesamir Yearby. He’s very humble, hungry, passionate and he knows how to represent the brand in a way that only he can do.

10.) Favorite Company you’ve worked for: Power 92.3 FM because they didn’t hold me back on my creative thoughts and process. I appreciate that. They’ve always got my back too.

This year, Surround Sound of Fashion will take place this December in Chicago. Check back at for details. In addition, my production team and I will be attending and helping out during rehearsals. So get ready for more exciting updates and exclusive behind the scenes coverage at


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