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The Limited Scandal Collection

The secret is out for the Scandal fashion lovers. The Limited launched their Scandal Holiday Collection and I’ve got the 50% off coupon for you to shop whatever your fashionista heart desires.
Recently winning the Influencer Award at the 2014 Ace Fashion Awards for Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, who looks fierce and powerful with every outfit she has on.

Some might even agree that they watch the show to see what Olivia Pope will be wearing next. It’s just like Sex and The City all over again. But guess what, you have the chance to look as striking as the ravishing Olivia Pope.

The perfectly-fit and custom-made style that they (Kerry Washington and the Scandal’s costume designer, Lyn Paolo) launch with The Limited will make you feel exclusive. Your office work clothes will never look boring. Instead, you will always be known as the fashion-forward co-worker.

And for the 50% off coupon that you can use in store and shop online, here it is my “Gladiators in Suit.”


In the words of Olivia Pope, “It’s been handled!”

Scandal is an addictive ABC drama series created by Shonda Rhimes in which Olivia Pope is a cutthroat crisis manager who runs her own firm called Popes & Associates.

She works for high-profile clients and happens to look sharp and stylish while being vicious. Oh and she had this complicated and steamy love affair with the President.


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