Mr. Future MCM with Express Suits

Are you familiar with #MCM? If not, it stands for Man-Crush-Monday. It’s when all the beautiful women if the world post their man crush for the world to see.
Today, I’m here to help all the men out there who needs some fashion guide with EXPRESS MEN. By next Monday, you will be someone’s #MCM in social media.
Don’t worry Mr. Future MCM, I’ve got coupons for you to use so you can save some ka-Ching while looking…. Ssszzzzzzz…. Wait for it……. Sizzling !!!!


We are focusing on making you look GQ. Women likes a sharp dresser. So I need you too look at all the pictures and challenge yourself by dressing up like them. Do not wear a size way bigger than your actual fit.

With these looks, you have to look tailored-fit, clean and proportioned. Leave the baggy clothes to the teenagers, you are a man now. Time to dress to perfection.

So in the future, (any big events where the ladies and cameras will be everywhere) makes sure to suit up. A little dab of cologne, clean face and a well groomed hair will definitely add more points.

Last thing to do is take a selfie and post it on social media. Tag me #BossLadyCris so I can see your improvement. PROMO CODE: 9735

*images provided by EXPRESS

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