My Secret to Smooth Skin

It’s the year of contour, foundation, and concealer on social media. From 100 steps of contouring, 50 steps to put concealer, or blending 2 or more foundation just to look naturally smooth for the selfies. Okay, maybe not that extreme. 2016-04-14 12.45.38

I remember during one of my small talks with Lily Liu, CEO of Lily’s Talent Agency, who’s so nice by the way. She asked me “I’ve always wanted to know what type of foundation you use?” I laughed and told her “I’m not wearing any.”

She didn’t believe me so I rubbed my face and I told her she can check it out herself. “See, no foundation…” as I grab a tissue and wipe my cheeks and forehead. It was funny because she kept saying, “Wow, I always thought you have foundation on. It’s so smooth.”

Well,this wasn’t the first time I had to prove that I’m not wearing any type of foundation. Actually, I don’t own any foundation for my personal use. However, I do have some for my clients when I do their make-up.

Anyway, here’s my secret.

1.) Eliminate contouring, wearing too much foundation or facial powder

You need to let your face stay fresh and clean. When you wear foundation, facial powder or your obsessed with contouring your face everyday, your pores gets blocked. It needs a break time. Let it breathe. Just love your own skin. Show it off and trust me, it feels amazing.

2.) Wash your face before you go to sleep no matter what

As tempting as it is to just go to sleep and wash your face in the morning, that’s an actual no-no. You’re only inviting pimples, blackheads and clogged pores to party on your face. Use a make-up remover wipes if you’re too lazy to wash your face. I usually use Aveeno Ultra-Calming Wipes and my clients love it.


3.) Exfoliate

Since wipes aren’t enough on those late nights, early mornings and lazy moments. You need to exfoliate your face every other day and say goodbye to all the deep-set buildup. Get rid of those dead skin cells girl. Gently scrub parts of your face, excluding your eye area. I use St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub. The key ingredients are green tea, olive oil and olive leaf extract.


4.) Moisturize

There’s nothing better than soft skin. Once you’re done washing your face, always put moisturizer on. This part is important. I can tell the difference when I don’t have facial lotion on.  Sometimes, I even mix organic extra virgin coconut oil with my facial lotion.

5.) Say no to smoking

We all know what smoking can do to your health. Not only that, you will age quicker. Your face will look dry and dull. Luckily, I never smoke and never will. Also, I usually step away when someone is smoking by me.

6.) Drink lots of water or coconut water

Not only will you hydrate your skin, you will slowly see a smoother face and a fresher look.

7.) Include omega-3 fatty acids and zinc in you diet.

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Try eating omega-3 fatty acids (like avocados, salmons, broccoli, shrimp, kale, strawberries) and zinc (like spinach, mushrooms, lean meat, almonds) everyday. Your complexion will start to improve and you’ll feel more confident rocking your bare face. 2016-04-14 12.51.49

So there you go girl…. that’s my secret. I don’t use expensive creams or fancy cover-ups to make my skin smoother. I just follows those steps. It’s just as simple as ABC and 123.

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