Asia Janay on Giving Up Twice as a Fashion Designer – and How She Conquered it

Too often, fashion designer, Asia-Janay, finds herself second-guessing her decision, fearful of people not liking the product she put and merely failing. But she finds that when she put that fear aside and fully trust God with the ability that he has given her, she started to exceed her expectations.

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It didn’t come easy for the owner of Eden Brand Official.

“I gave up twice before because it wasn’t happening fast enough, and although they weren’t the best decisions, they taught me valuable lessons. Building a successful brand takes a lot of time, patience, and sacrifice,” she shared.

While studying Fashion Marketing and Management at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, she started doing custom-made clothes. Slowly, she gained customers, but this was before social media became popular. Marketing her business became a challenge, so she went on hiatus after becoming a mother.

Follow the brand on Instagram at @Edenbrandofficial or shop online at

Asia sighs, “I was giving up. I had my son, and I told myself: I’m done. I was really lost at that time. I had no direction. I thought I was going to be this successful designer in the blink of an eye. It made me feel like a failure. So I just gave up with creating fashion.

With no brand identity, she decided to let it go. She became a visual merchandiser for a big retail company. You see, during that time, she didn’t realize that it allowed her to continue using her creativity in the fashion world. She was still a fashion enthusiast. 

What was your best pinch-me moment?

I would say, it was my wake-up call. One day, I had this conversation with my friend (Lashawnda), and I mentioned that I design clothes. She asked me, So why are you here when this what you can do? Somehow, that question just lit the fire on me.

Follow the brand on Instagram at @Edenbrandofficial or shop online at

After resetting herself, she noticed that fashion has switched for men and women. She realized that she usually shop at the men’s department for graphic tees and joggers or just to find an outfit to match her sneakers. She wanted the versatility and functionality of streetwear for women.

“I hope to encourage others to embrace who they are, be confident in who they are and be unapologetic in all that they do, ” says Asia.

In 2016, Eden Brand Official was created. It’s centered on the streetwear culture while providing exclusivity. Her combination of comfort and quality matched with her tomboy aesthetic inspired her to make handmade designs that allow you to wear sporty apparel but still look and feel sexy.

Follow the brand on Instagram at @Edenbrandofficial or shop online at

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