With One Simple Idea, the PuffCuff Hair Clamp was Created

Ceata Lash, inventor and founder of PuffCuff, wanted to put her hair up without damaging her natural hair. She wanted something durable, affordable, and can be easily sanitized.

“After years of searching for an accessory to accommodate thick, textured hair, we created the PuffCuff. It works with a variety of hair types from 2C to 4C, whether curly, textured or wavy. Our PuffCuff allows you to create many beautiful hairstyles without causing headaches by cinching, pulling, ripping, or tearing your hair out.”


Since February of 2014, the first PuffCuff became available to purchase. This innovative product works for both men and women with braids, locs, and curly hair.

“Searching in stores and online, I realized that most accessories on the market are designed for straight, thin hair – NOT for my naturally thick, coarse hair! Existing products cinched my hair to its smallest point of resistance, creating “bunny tail hair” (not a good look for a grown woman), hair breakage, damage to the accessory, and pure frustration for me!” – Ceata

Ceata always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She played around with different freelance businesses from painting, graphic designing, etc… She always had that spirit. Even after trying the corporate environment, she realized that her creativity and personality fit into an entrepreneur.

“God has not told me to stop. I have to take it as far as I can.”

Ceata Lash, inventor and founder of PuffCuff
Shop at @PuffCuff

What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?
Know that it takes a whole lot of work and time. Learn as much as you can for free. There’s a lot of free classes out there. Don’t be scared to ask for help. There are people out there who can help and who wants to help.

Photo: @ ThePuffCuff (Instagram) . Hear more from Ceata Lash –

“To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be authentic. You need to be likable. You should want to have good conversations with others. Be relatable. Have a good mentor. You have to harness the opportunity.” shares Ceata.

Thank you so much. Is there anything else that you want to tell the younger generation?

I actually love that the younger generation has less fear. Embrace your freedom. Know that something does not come as easy as adding water and stirring it. You have to put in work. Everything doesn’t happen overnight.

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