Joshua Hopkins on His Journey to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

As the 8-year-old boy zipped up his jacket while the cold wind touched his face, he wistfully sighed once the Christmas song faded. The street lights were twinkling, and for a second, he felt warm. The holiday spirit was just infectious; it made him smile endlessly.

He just wanted to keep this feeling as the snow started falling. He was a kid, after all. Nevertheless, once he made it to his actual destination, he melancholy walked to his cot, and there was dead silence for a moment…

“When I started living in the shelter, I lost my Christmas spirit at a young age. I was there from the age of 8-12 years old. The holidays were hard for me. Instead of enjoying my gifts, I had to protect them from other people who will try to take it. I had the mindset of protecting my property, my mom, and my younger sister. I just wanted to get out of there.”

Joshua Hopkins
ShakeTheBarber – Joshua Hopkins

With constant moving, Joshua had to go to different schools. Being a new kid, he had to prove himself consistently. While he gets adjusted to the new rules, fighting became his way of defending himself. His battles between feeling sorrow and giving up became a daily struggle. He used this as a motivation to become a successful entrepreneur and inspiring philanthropist.

As the co-founder of a non-profit organization, Go Larger Initiative, his main goal is to help the less fortunate get back on their feet. He’s involved with developing the community to be stronger, focusing on improving the community in all aspects.

Master Barber in Houston, TX. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @ShakeTheBarber

“I know how difficult it is to be in a shelter because I lived there for four years. It feels good to know that I was able to make their life better just for a moment. It is hard to have all your possessions taken away from you. It’s not easy living with strangers, not having anything new, feeling sad during the holidays, and meaning it when I say Merry Christmas,” reflects Joshua.

As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?

As a barber, you need to be very invested in this career. Aim always to get better. Invest in having good quality tools, equipment, supplies. As an entrepreneur, you need to have knowledge of the industry. Be business-oriented. Also, you have to know and appreciate your clients. 

“I wish people knew how much I pride myself on respect and quality service. I believe it is one of the most important parts of building and keeping a successful business. I appreciate their loyalty and support.” – Joshua Hopkins

How are you feeling about everything that’s happening right now?

I am honestly sick and tired of racism and the lack of humanity that racist people and cops have for the African American community. I am tired of white supremacy. Structural & institutional racism needs to be dismantled. We need better schools, a just criminal justice system, and better healthcare for our community.

Follow @ShaketheBarber or email him for appointments

“I believe we are at a pivotal point in this country. We can make a change IF we vote and are consistent and persistent with putting pressure on the government and police departments. ” – Joshua Hopkins

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