Jonathan Sims on his Evolution as Chicago’s Community Advocate

It was a cold winter night. Before turning off the car engine, Jonathan paused. He just hesitated. His shoulders started slumping after taking a deep breath. Slowly exhaling, he tilted the driver’s seat further back.

Feeling the frigid temperature, Jonathan blasted the heat as he dragged the blanket closer to him. His frosted window was mirroring his thoughts and emotions. He pitied himself. He closed his eyes, and his face grew somber and softened by wistfulness.

Founder of #Pray4Chicago, Jonathan Sims

“I need to do better and be better. This is not the life that I should be living. I was embarrassed, sad, and depressed. However, I became determined to change my situation by any means. I need to find my passion.”

– Jonathan reflected on his life when he was living in his car.

As a valued director of a corporate company, he enjoys managing the after school program so that that younger generation can have better opportunities in the future.

However, Jonathan never forgot his struggles. He knew that his community needed an advocate who can help them get out of the stereotyped blueprint. He created #Pray4Chicago, a non-profit organization that empowers the city through initiatives such as feeding the homeless and youth mentorship.

To volunteer, please contact Jonathan Sims

Being the phenomenal philanthropist that he is, Jonathan became one of the founding members and the marketing director of the Chicago Coalition For Change. It gears towards finding solutions to the problems that the community face.

Chicago Coalition for Change is having an event on Saturday, June 27th 2020 from 12:30 pm – 4 pm. They are giving away FREE bikes and FREE foods.

The energy in the world is different. It was an eye-opening being a part of the peaceful protest. I love that people are willing to listen and learn more about the struggles that black people go through.

Jonathan Sims shares his thoughts when asked about the Black Live Matters movement

What are some of your life-lessons?

I learned that you need to be yourself and live your truth, but don’t get too hard on yourself. It’s okay to not be okay. You need to invest your time in relaxing your mind. Do meditation. Do yoga. 

“Being homeless, I knew how it felt to have nothing. I remember feeling worthless. Now, I don’t take anything for granted. I knew I had to find my purpose in life. I had to reset because I knew I had the potential to be someone.”

– Jonathan Sims

Any advice to the younger generation?

It would be best if you surround yourself with positive people. Build your network. Volunteer a lot. Also, you cannot be stubborn. Put your pride on the side. You have to be willing to listen. Do not dumb yourself down to please others. Be a leader. We need leaders now more than ever.

Follow Jonathan Sims on Instagram @Iam_JSims

Is there are anything else that you want to share?

Joining EMPIRE Modelz gave me a whole perspective in life. It helped me a lot in college. Because of the group, I was able to walk in the room with more confidence. It opened the door for me; it helped me build and utilize my platform. It’s also why I have a great sense of fashion.

Follow Jonathan Sims on Instagram @Iam_JSims

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