About BossLadyCris

BossLadyCris is a dedicated philantrophist who just happens to have more than a decade of expertise as an executive producer, creative director, runway coach, fashion celebrity stylist, make-up artist and coffe-lover. She earned her cool mom badge and considers it “her proudest achievement.”


During her early years in college, she wanted to be a part of diverse group that she can relate to.

With no luck, she decided to create a non-profit organization, EMPIRE Modelz, on her own. Her goal was for members to gain self-esteem, self-confidence, experience being a part of a fashion show while forming leadership skills and networking skills.

She became an executive director, executive producer and a fashion show coordinator for more than 20 fashion shows and fashion events.

She worked with respectable photographers as their creative director – directing more than 100 models in total for photo-shoots.

BossLadyCris enjoys collaborating with different organization, volunteering to help other non-profit organizations, and helping different communities. As a mom, she wants her daughter to know the importance of helping other people and treating everyone with kindness and respect.

*I do not own all pictures. I do not have the copyrights to them unless otherwise stated. If in the event that I forgot to post the credits, please email me at ChicVision.BossLadyCris@Gmail.com so I can take care of it as soon as possible.

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