About BossLadyCris

With more than a decade of expertise, executive producer and creative director: Boss Lady Cris, who’s also a celebrity stylist and a celebrity make-up artist, decides to share her Chic Vision in the world of fashion, beauty and media entertainment.


She turned her passion for styling, doing make-up, and organizing details behind-the-scenes as a focus to making sure anything she becomes a part of… turn into a success.

imageShe started styling celebrities and models while offering to provide hair & make-up services if needed.

Soon, she’s started booking more clients whenever there’s upcoming photo-shoots, fashion shows, awards, private parties, and even weddings.

Years later, she decides to expand her skills and abilities. She became an executive producer and a fashion show coordinator for more than 15 fashion shows. She started working with respectable photographers as their creative director. She directed more than 80 models in total for photo-shoots.PhotoGrid_1452448477314

Realizing that her family, friends, and clients constantly ask for what products to use, styling tips, make-up advice, and even amazing deals/discounts … She decides to create BossLadyCris.com to share and answer all questions. Enjoy a glimpse of her chic vision.



*I do not own all pictures posted on my blog. I do not have the copyrights to them unless otherwise stated. If in the event that I forgot to post the credits, please email me at BOSSLADYCRIS@Gmail.com so I can take care of it as soon as possible.



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